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what we offer

  • Authentication

    Reliable detection of counterfeit banknotes

    Rejection of outdated emissions : pre-2005 series, demonetized INR 1000, INR 500

    Authentication of new INR 2000, INR 500

  • Fast banknote counting
    Speeds up to 1500 bn/min., depending on the operation mode of the machine
  • Secure sorting

    Fitness sorting (FIT, UnFIT) compatible with the BPS B1 and C1

    Different sorting modes available

  • Service & quality

    Pan India service and maintenance network

    Modern customer service center

Our Products

  1. BPS B1e
    BPS B1e

    Cost-effective value counter

    Compact size for teller/cashier operation

    Multi-currency detection (up to 5 currencies)

  2. BPS B1
    BPS B1

    Versatile and highly secure counter

    Continuous operation with reject pocket

  3. BPS C1
    BPS C1

    The compact all-rounder in banknote processing

    Sorting by fitness (ATM, FIT, UNFIT)

    Multicurrency processing for up to ten currencies

    Serial number reading, Bar code reading, cheque scanning

    Dual User operation

Our expert’s opinion

  1. I especially like the connectivity features of the BPS C1, which allow to set up real IoT eco-systems with our small sorters.
    As manager of the systems engineering group of G+D Currency Technology in Munich I’ve been  contributing in developing large banknote sorting systems for central banks, commercial cash centers and casinos for many years. Our claim in R&D is not only striving for perfection in our mechatronics, sensors and software concepts, but also giving “a little more” to always be best in class. Applying our standards from our high speed sorting systems to compact tabletop machines is more than natural for me and my fellow engineers, even if the technologies used in both platforms may differ in some areas (of course with respect to footprint!).

    One of the most fascinating features of our systems is exception handling: if something “unexpected” occurs (a jam in the transport path, somebody stumbles across the power cable, etc.; “unexpected” in quotes because of course we do expect these things to happen!) the system shall always keep track of its status and be able to recover once the error cause has been removed. This is by far one of the biggest technical challenges in our system concept and it fills me with proud to see that even the small sorters as the BPS C1 in principle follows the same concepts as the central bank systems. The recovery mechanisms are really clever and the opening concept of the machine is just beautiful!

    I especially like the connectivity features of the BPS C1, which allow to set up real IoT eco-systems with our small sorters. I’m really looking forward to developing an infinite range of cool software features and tools over the next years for these small machines!

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