BPS C1: Smart, Fast and Robust

The compact size and flexibility in use of the BPS C1 banknote processing system makes it a perfect addition to any cash processing operation. It is an ideal choice for bank branches, currency chests, exchange offices, public transit authorities and retail counters. The machine has two stackers (one sorting and one reject compartment) which can be individually configured, and the system integrates smoothly into already established workflows.

Benefits at a glance

Secure authentication and value verification

Superior detection of counterfeit (fake), taped, torn, and mutilated notes

Withdrawal of outdated emissions, i.e. pre-2005 and demonetized banknotes

Rapid sorting by denomination, series, and orientation

Highly cost-efficient due to ease of use and durability

Service support: remote access for updates, upgrades, monitoring and diagnosis

INR 176,000.00
Estimated delivery time: 5-7 business days
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Brochure BPS C1

All the key information about the BPS C1 and a professional introduction to banknote processing.

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